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Warranty Policy

All products are warranted to be free of defects in workmanship and materials for one full year from date of purchase, except customised items which have a 30 day supplier's warranty.

We are happy to assist in warranty claims on all products sold by us. If you wish to make a warranty claim, you should contact us immediately to arrange return of goods to us for assessment. Goods returned to Fish On Pro Shop for warranty assessment will be sent at the customer's expense. Should your warranty claim be valid we will refund you all postage costs and ship the good/s back to you free of charge.

All goods returned to Fish On Pro Shop for warranty will be assessed by the manufacturer or a representative of the manufacturer. Should the warranty claim prove valid, we will, at our discretion, arrange for repair or replacement of the goods and ship it to you free of charge. Goods repaired or replaced under warranty will be supplied with a new 12 month warranty starting from the date of shipment of the repaired or replacement goods. Should the claim prove to be invalid we will need to charge a postage fee to return the goods.

Returns Policy

We will gladly refund, or exchange any goods upon prompt return, if they fall into our warranty policy. Please choose products carefully. Refunds are not given if you simply change you mind. All items sold are covered under a standard manufacturer’s warranty. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, due to faulty workmanship or materials, return it to us for an exchange or refund. We exchange or refund any original condition merchandise with a copy of your original invoice.

All returns will be credited back to the original payment type. Any shipping and handling fees that were paid during an online order are non-refundable. Please note that if you return merchandise without a receipt or invoice, we can only provide the last known value of the item in the form of a merchandise credit.

Cancellation of Orders

Once an order is made, you are unable to cancel this order unless we do not have the product in stock. In such instances, we will notify you immediately of how long it will take for you to receive the product/s. If this is not to your satisfaction then we will refund your money and cancel the order.

Squid gaff warranty?

The telescopic gaffs we stock at Fish On Pro Shop are manufactured to the highest quality and standards. When you first receive your gaff, you should inspect it prior to use in salt water to see if it freely opens and closes as well as inspecting it for any manufacturers faults. If there are any problems with your gaff at this stage contact us immediately. Remember these gaffs are manufactured to fine tolerances to ensure they open and close correctly, regular maintenance is vital!

If your gaff is in good working order when you receive it, then it is highly unlikely that it will be a manufacturers fault. If it is not opening and closing properly, 9 Times out of 10 the problem with the gaff will be salt inhibition due to poor maintenance from not properly washing down the gaff in fresh water after every use. If this is the case you will not qualify for a warranty as a warranty will only cover you if there is a manufacturers fault in your gaff.

All telescopic squid gaffs we sell have a maximum vertical working load limit of 2kg, and are very weak with lateral loading. If you lift a load on an angle you will compromise the structural integrity of the telescopic tubing on your gaff. If your gaff snaps or cracks in this instance it is highly unlikely you will qualify for a warranty as a warranty will only cover you if there is a manufacturers fault in your gaff, not improper use. If your gaff was in good order when you received it, it is highly probable that it is not a manufacturers fault.

If you still believe you should receive a replacement gaff under warranty, please email and we will advise you on what needs to happen.

Fishing rod warranty?

The fishing rods we stock at Fish On Pro Shop are high quality, specialised items such as egi (squid) fishing rods and light jig rods, all which are inspected and pre-loaded prior to them being sent out to you. All rods are covered under a limited 1 year manufacturer's warranty, and are guaranteed to be free from faulty workmanship and materials. When you first receive your rod you must inspect it for any manufacturing defaults prior to use. If there are any problems with your rod at this stage contact us immediately.

Unfortunately with the advent of ultra lightweight Carbon fibre and graphite rods, breakages can occur very easily as these rod blanks are very brittle and generally do not have a thick epoxy coating such as your typical "all rounder" rod. A break in a fishing rod can occur sometimes after an event that caused the blank to be fractured, such as it being dropped on the floor or knocked on the side of the boat or wall. For this reason alone the cause of a rod break can be almost impossible to know for certain, but probably the most common cause is by “high sticking” - the rod is held above an angle of 45 degrees and excessive weight is applied to the tip area causing it to snap. This is NOT a fault of the rod.

What we do know for sure is that the vast majority of breaks are NOT caused by faulty materials or workmanship. If a fracture was present before purchase then the rod would break the first time it was put under load (ie. being pre-loaded during our quality inspections prior to shipment or the first time the rod was used to fish with). If the rod is in good working order after your first fishing session then the blank is in perfect working order and contains no manufacturing flaws.

If you still believe your fishing rod should be replaced under warranty, please email and we will advise you on what needs to happen.