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About Fish On Pro Shop

Welcome to Fish On Pro Shop, a proudly Australian owned and run specialist online fishing tackle store.

We currently stock the biggest range in Australia of high quality Japanese squid jigs, along with many other top quality lures, rods, line, tools & accessories which can't all be found at any one shop front tackle store.

Our range of fishing tackle include brands such as Daiwa, Fisherman, Owner, Yo-zuri, Breaden, Harimitsu, Mustad, Varivas, North craft, Megabass and many more.

Our Goal

As a specialized supplier of fishing equipment, our goal is to provide our customers with the highest level of service and advice that they deserve, as well as supply them with the finest tackle available at a great price, from an Australian retailer!

Our Beliefs

The problem that exists in your traditional shop front retail tackle store, is that they are 100% driven by sales, and this is due to their high overhead costs and low margins made on selling fishing equipment.

Because of this, the mentality of the shop front retailer will be distorted towards how much margin they make on a sale, therefore you will be subject to methods such as cross selling, up selling, and even a biased opinion so they can get a sale out of you.

As a customer you should receive unbiased opinions, yet still be able to get a great price without being subject to these rogue selling methods. As we do not have to meet sales margins we here at Fish On Pro Shop choose what we want to sell and make sure all our products are of the highest quality. We do not need to stock cheap products which we can add large mark ups to, we stock quality products we know are good and that catch fish!

Why Shop With Us?

As we are not a shop front retailer, we have lower overhead costs, and therefore we are able to pass some of these savings onto the customer.

Our range of fishing gear is specialised meaning you wouldn't walk into your local tackle store and find our range or gear. We are a one stop shop for all your specialised fishing gear and you don't even have to leave your house!

We here at Fish On Pro Shop want you, as a customer to feel you have been given excellent unbiased service, an excellent product, at an excellent price. We want your business and as our customers, you will always walk away a winner.